About us

Who we are

Hello My name is Sofia Gonzalez coach and founder of bullyingkills.org is an organization dedicated to create a bigger and profound awareness as to what bullying does to our world, To our children, teenagers and adults, basically everyone gets affected by this and later on our stories we will share why!

Our approach

Our Mission
Our mission is not only to create a universal awareness about bullying, but stop bullying in the entire world!! I know this is a bold statement but with your help awareness, education and Love we can help this dream become a reality!

Please share this website link with anyone that you know is going through any hardship because of bullying and please ask them if they can share their story with us and we’ll gladly share their story in our website!! 

Thank You so much in advance and I hope being here inspire you to take action because we really never know where or how it’ll affect you or your loved ones!! 

#stopbullying #bullyingkills